Index Chain and UKEX hosted a grand celebration to celebrate the world premiere.

Starting from 18:00 on the 12th Singapore local time, Index Chain and the UKEX Digital Asset Exchange organized a grand After-Party event in the 45-story Private Kitchen in Land Tower, a landmark building in the core CBD area of Singapore. The event aims to celebrate the world’s first DIC landing on UKEX, and invites blockchain practitioners in Asia and Europe that have always been paying attention to Index Chain and helping them, as well as Singapore’s local blockchain opinion leaders and celebrities, to express their appreciation for They sincerely thank and share the joy of this important milestone.

Well-known local blockchain companies in Singapore, including Bibox, WBF, Cryptoprofile, Warrior Capital, Oobit, and Propine, came to the event site, and the number of people on the site exceeded the design capacity of the site by 200 people. The guests present were pleased with the achievements and milestones that Index Chain has achieved so far, and at the same time showed great interest in its next plans.

As the celebration event for the first launch of Index Chain, Mr. Daniel, the president of the Tianyue Foundation, first delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “Unblock the Future”. In this lecture, in addition to a new and more detailed description of Index Chain technology In addition to his characteristics and persistence in focusing on the DeFi field, he also shared the next plan of Index Chain and the latest technical success. He told the guests this way, “Everything is completed step by step as described on the roadmap. Our pace is very good, our globally unique multi-currency wallet with built-in Atom-Swap System has been tested internally and is ready to be released for everyone to experience and test. “

Subsequently, after a short period of music performance, Mr. Daniel, President of the Tianyue Foundation, Mr. COO Tim of UKEX, and Ms. Tuhina Singh, CEO of Propine, came together to celebrate and witness the moment of the DIC online transaction on time. .

The outstanding world premiere landing ceremony and exciting market performance have revealed the popularity of DIC in the secondary market. The number of transactions is amazing, and the high turnover rate indicates that the number of participants is increasing. After-Party this time, it has achieved a meaning beyond success. In the following days, the Index Chain team will make persistent efforts to create a better future open financial platform and a better digital economy era.