Test Network of InDex Chain Successfully Launched

Time: July 6, 2019

As the main-chain project of the Hephzibah Foundation, InDex Chain has successfully launched its test network. InDex Chain plans to establish an opened multi-chain architecture blockchain network to provide a platform for diversified financial services based on blockchain technology and to build a one-stop digital investment banking ecosystem around InDex Chain.

The success of the InDex Chain test network was designed to test the performance and stability of the developed functions and modules, indicating the completion of the functional building on the InDex Chain network. At present, InDex Chain has implemented functions such as full-node, asset configuration, onchain trading, customize transaction fees, node synchronization, and blockchain browser etc.

At the same time, while implementing the basic transaction sending and receiving, the zero knowledge proof module is successfully configured, and the optional full anonymous transaction function is realized.

In the effort of the B.S. Labs and Komodo teams, InDex Chain is along the progress of the roadmap, reaching the progress nodes on time, continuously optimizing the network experience and adding new features.

While making progress in technology, InDex Chain, with the help of partners and investment institutions, is also actively promoting marketing-related work, and plans to complete the mining & issuing of InDex Coin in the near future.

It is reported that the Hephazibah Foundation will carry out in-depth cooperation with the UKEX trading platform, mainly in the market promotion, blockchain application direction exploration, technical exchange as the entry point, and will list the InDex Coin (index currency) on the UKEX trading platform in the near future.