InDex Chain First Road-Show in Korea and Officially Enters the Korean Blockchain Market

Time: October 2, 2019

InDex Chain was invited to participate in Korea’s 2019 Korea Blockchain Week event, which was officially launched on the 28th in Seoul, South Korea.

InDex Chain, in conjunction with SEEK Chain, held a special Meet-up at the New V Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul on the opening night. This meeting was also the first appearance of InDex Chain in the Korean market.

InDex Chain is committed to being the next generation of decentralized opened financial infrastructure, incorporating multiple tops including dPoW (Delayed Workload Proof), zero-knowledge proof and Hashed-Time-Lock-based cross-chain smart contracts and multi-chain technology Encryption technology to create a financial public chain for security, compliance and enterprise-level performance.

On this special Meet-up, Mr. Arthur Wang from the Asian community, as a regional community deputy, gave a keynote speech titled “The Undisputed New Force in the DeFi Field – InDex Chain”, detailing the future development of InDex Chain. Planning and ecological construction process, at the same time, combined with other participants, I wished the milestone of the upcoming InDex Chain main online line.

“DeFi is the fastest growing, best and most promising direction in the blockchain field. InDex Chain is different from other projects, focusing on this area, intensive farming, and continuous mining.” Mr. Arthur is giving a speech. Finally, Mr. Arthur conducted a question and answer session with the audience, explained the development of the InDex Chain and the route planning issues of the Korean community, and answered the general technical questions.

In this Meet-up, the total number of visitors exceeded 150+. At the same time, Youtuber in the blockchain field was broadcast live. The entire meeting lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Finally, all the participants took a group photo and the event was successfully completed.

It is reported that the InDex Chain Korea market plan has been launched. On behalf of InDex Chain, Mr. Arthur visited the Korean blockchain enterprise in Seoul and started to establish a Korean community for InDex Chain.