Main-Network of InDex Is About to Go Online, UKEX Participates in DeFi’s Ecological Construction on InDex Chain

Time: September 25, 2019

InDex Chain issued an official statement saying that the main-online launching is ready. In the latest test network, the function boards including transfer, sending, smart contract creation and DeFi module are all completed. The whole network is in the test environment. In the case of 10000+TPS, the running state is stable, and there is no network abnormal jitter or abnormal node drop event. With a delayed workload proof (dPoW) consensus mechanism, Single 51% attack cost exceeds $1.4 billion on InDex Chain and provides excellent security.

On the road to building the next generation of decentralized opened financial infrastructure, InDex Chain has been down-to-earth, step by step to complete the vision and vision, allowing both parties to complete the atomic exchange technology of peer-to-peer asset transactions without a third share, and A cross-chain smart contract technology that allows users to freely transfer assets between multiple ecosystems under the 10,000-chain interconnect, along with a zero-knowledge proof technology that provides optional full anonymous transactions to protect user privacy and meet compliance requirements. The online line was officially deployed.

This will be the first public link to achieve high-concurrency multi-chain functionality, and is the only optional anonymous public link that is currently on-line for multi-chain architectures that support intelligent multi-chain technology.

At the same time, the main online line related marketing activities and expanded consensus propaganda are in full swing, the official announcement said that in the annual Seoul·Blockchain Week, InDex and UKEX and PoC-Rookie Seek Chain in Seoul together A special conference was held to launch the Korean InDex community.

Mr. Daniel, CEO and founder of InDex Chain, mentioned in a recent public speech that the main online line is just a small step in the DeFi world, and the team has not slacked off. The next phase of development began, ensuring that the development process for the fourth quarter of 2019, such as our decentralized wallet, lightning network deployment, and aggregated data Oracle modules, was completed on time.

UKEX is the core partner of InDex Chain and will help InDex Chain complete the DeFi ecosystem on the chain. It will release customized sidechains through InDex network, including decentralized credit, quantitative investment, wallet, decentralized exchanges, etc. Financial infrastructure system.

Both parties will pay attention to and actively participate in the development of the decentralized financial DeFi field, and explore & expand more application scenarios and ecological development direction in the DeFi field.