DIC-flagship-wallet (Android version) officially released

DICflagshipwallet (Android version) officially released

2019/18/12,Singapore,DIC-flagship-wallet (Android version) of IndexChain was officially launched and  can be downloaded at indexchain.io. DIC-flagship-wallet is a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized exchange rolled into one application. Store your coins, trade peer-to-peer with minimal fees and never give up control over your digital assets.

Digital assets controlled by users

DIC-flagship-wallet is a secure, non-custodial wallet.  All digital assets of users are really kept by users themselves, and only users can operate them. The user’s private key is kept by themselves. Our principle is to ensure that the user has complete control over the digital assets!

Multi-Currency Wallet

DIC-lagship-wallet can store a variety of different types of cryptocurrencies. The first version contains five kinds of digital assets: BTC, DIC, ETH, LTC and usdt (erc-20). With the update of wallet version, we will gradually launch more mainstream digital assets and digital assets of IndexChain’s side chain.

Industry leading atom exchange technology

The IndexChain technology team uses the unique mobile terminal native, asset independent atom exchange technology to build the DIC-flagship-wallet, which provides the atom exchange function for users in the wallet program. DIC-flagship-wallet also has built-in decentralized trading features. Based on the industry’s most advanced point-to-point atomic exchange protocol, DIC-flagship-wallet can realize point-to-point trading without middlemen, and realize the free conversion of a variety of digital assets without first sending the assets to the exchange, which can save users the time to charge money and high handling fees. Based on the atomic exchange framework, the index chain can build a real decentralized exchange in the future.

Ecological entrance plan

With a good technical background and extensive user base, IndexChain is constantly attracting more developers and project parties to join in the construction of IndexChain ecology. In the future, users can directly access the applications developed by ecological participants through DIC-flagship-wallet, which is the general entrance of the whole IndexChain ecology.


DIC-flagship-wallet, backed by powerful technology, as one of the important applications of IndexChain, provides users with a safe, reliable, convenient and practical user experience. This online DIC-flagship -wallet (Android version) is an important node in the development process of IndexChain, and this is just the beginning. In the future, the development and improvement, and the landing application of business scenarios will continue to strengthen the important position of wallet. DIC-flagship-wallet is not only the guardian of digital assets, but also the powerful application support of IndexChain.