Next generation decentralized open financial infrastructure

Focusing on the DeFi , InDex provides an open platform for business scenarios, developers, users and businesses to create a more inclusive, participatory and transparent financial system.

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About InDex.

Launched by the HephZibah Foundation in Singapore, InDex’s mission is to establish a next-generation decentralized open financial infrastructure for DeFi market participants.

InDex consists of three parts:
Open, intelligent privacy protected blockchain with atomic swap interoperability multi-chain architecture
InDex is an open, combinable, intelligent multi-chain platform built on atomic swaping technology and also provides bitcoin network-level security through DPoW mode.

Built for decentralized financial service providers, DeFi projects, distributed application services and ecosystems
Members of the InDex ecosystem will include financial service providers, financial institutions, multilateral organizations and academic institutions located in different geographic regions. Currently included members include: Digitizing Assets, Swarm Fund, UKEX, KMD Labs, B.S. Labs, Deakin University

An independent, decentralized governance mechanism that motivates and governs the development of InDex.
InDex governance is divided into two key components, incentives and governance. The incentive mechanism will involve various methods such as accounting, nodes, and Staking. Governance mechanism is divided into two types of governance: on chain and off-chain, which is a major issue for InDex. We will work with communities, technology platforms, and academic institutions to explore and implement patterns and technologies for on chain governance.

InDex is an open, combinable, intelligent multi-chain platform.


InDex's Delayed Work Proof (DPoW) is a secondary consensus mechanism that protects InDex's security through a series of cross-certifications using the huge hash rate of the Bitcoin network.

Intelligent multi-chain technology

InDex uses multi-chain technology to solve blockchain scalability issues. Local and independent blockchains are available for all projects that launch blockchains on the InDex platform. What happens on one chain does not affect other chains in the ecosystem. At the same time, all blockchains built in our ecosystem have the same privacy and security features as the InDex backbone.

Atomic swap

Atomic swap is a technology that supports the fast exchange of two cryptocurrencies running on different blockchain networks. The atomic swap is essentially a cross-link peer-to-peer transaction. Atomic swap transactions are more secure than encryption transactions on centralized exchanges, enabling cross-chain transmission of value.

Cross-chain smart contract

Another major innovation from InDex is the cross-chain smart contract with complete blockchain interoperability. In short, this feature allows for logical transfers between different blockchains without the need for swaps or transactions, which makes performance no longer a limitation, all projects can scale as needed, and grow with the business, on the InDex platform. Any chain can verify transactions that occur on any other chain in the ecosystem.

Zero knowledge proof

Zero-knowledge proof is a way of proving to others without revealing redundant information. This mature mechanism now appears on the InDex network, through which we can transfer and send to others in a completely anonymous manner. Information, and no one other than the two parties can observe and obtain information. At the same time, in order to meet the compliance and regulatory needs of individual business scenarios, the anonymous feature of zero-knowledge proof is optional in the InDex network.

Digital Index Coin

3.1 Billion

Total DIC output



60 Seconds

The time of the block

2 Years

Half cycle


Each block reward

Transact Fees

DIC, used to pay for transaction costs. At the same time, all digital tokens issued on InDex can be exchanged and traded seamlessly using DIC as a carrier through atomic swap technology.

Community governance

DIC is your vote, participate in voting and express your opinion on how the InDex network should operate. Implementing DIC holders’ community governance of the network is the core goal of InDex.

Node equity pledge

The SuperNode operator mortgages DIC and helps InDex build and maintain a decentralized blockchain network that earns equity revenue by running nodes and verifying chain communication.


Any service provider in the network can accept DIC as a settlement method. Node build providers, auditors, licensors, marketing agencies, developers, and any other network participants can choose to accept DIC in exchange for their services.

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Best wish from Index team to the member who involved with us for happy new year!

We started our journey in the middle of 2019, this journey is to lead us to the important node of the next human society. Starting from the beginning, everyone and Index have experienced important nodes such as the test-network online, the main-net online and the multi-currency wallet etc., and witnessed the whole process from Singapore […]

DIC-flagship-wallet (Android version) officially released

DIC–flagship–wallet (Android version) officially released 2019/18/12,Singapore,DIC-flagship-wallet (Android version) of IndexChain was officially launched and  can be downloaded at DIC-flagship-wallet is a secure wallet and non-custodial decentralized exchange rolled into one application. Store your coins, trade peer-to-peer with minimal fees and never give up control over your digital assets. Digital assets controlled by users DIC-flagship-wallet is […]

Index Chain and UKEX hosted a grand celebration to celebrate the world premiere.

IndexChain and UKEX hosted a grand celebration event in a famous landmark in Singapore. Mr. Daniel, President of the Tianyue Foundation, Mr. COOTim of UKEX, and Ms. Tuhina Singh, CEO of Propine, witnessed the important moment of the launch.